Hanna Hula STYLE

Hanna Hula is a product brand that two Japanese sisters created at a small studio near Komazawa Park, Tokyo.
You can see a charm of its merchandise in sophisticated feminine designs that makes you happy.
We believe good ideas pop up not in a meeting room of serious discussion but at a table of casual talk.
Inspired by insights in friendly conversation, we develop Hanna Hula products that are easy to use and designed to make their owners happy.

Simple, pop and cute

Hanna Hula delivers a rich selection of unique products that allows you to make your own style. Simple, pop and cute, Hanna Hula is best for you and your small family members to wear and feel an enjoyable unity.
Using Hanna Hula items of your own choice, you will be also wearing a happy smile.

Committed to your satisfaction

We have been developing Hanna Hula to meet your best satisfaction. We will never be tired of hearing about your requirements on our items including sizes, materials, prices and styles.
Without your satisfaction, Hanna Hula is nothing. It’s a new brand dedicated to improving your personal lifestyle.

Please come join the world of Hanna Hula!